Thinking about my Unit Plan

I have always been interested in animation.  If I didn’t fall in love so hard with music and English, I may have considered a career in animation.  When I was eight years old, my dad, an industrial layout engineer, taught me how to use AutoCad.  Back then, there was a feature that allowed you to animate anything you drew.  After learning a few simple commands (how to draw a line, an arc, edit, erase) I was off to the races.  I drew a pterodactyl, using a “how to draw dinosaurs” book my mom had bought me through the Scholastic book club.

Wouldn’t you know, for an eight year old learning AutoCad, this pterodactyl was pretty good….great even.  My dad animated it for me (flapping it’s wings up and down) and I was absolutely fascinated.  It became my latest “show off” project that I insisted on showing everyone who came to visit our house.

Now that I’m taking my media arts qualification, I am taken back to that day and I sort of wonder what my life would be like had I chosen the animation route.  Perhaps this was the outcome…that someday I would be teaching stop motion animation, frame by frame, to my students.  Maybe the spark is still there.

That’s why I have chosen this as my unit plan.  I would love to see students learn a basic technique and give them the ability to use it to create their own “show off” projects; where they can express their art to the world and bask in the “oohs” and “ahhs” of their onlookers.

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