Thank you!

Although I was very busy this summer, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to take this course and to learn about the Media Arts.

I have always loved the media arts, but I have felt like an outsider because I am unfamiliar with the curriculum and the new technologies that are out there.  Although I realize that the technology is always changing, it’s nice to know that the principles of media arts remain the same.  I have learned some new technologies and I got to practice some in the creation of my unit plan.

I also assigned a multimedia essay for my students to complete for the English class I taught this summer.  Let me tell you, these kids have some serious skills.  I think they will probably teach me more than I can ever teach them.  But isn’t that always the case in education?

It’s time to move on, enjoy the rest of my summer and get ready for September. Thank you to my classmates for the great discussion and feedback!  Also, thanks to our leader, Jonathan, for your expertise and guidance throughout the summer. Good luck to everyone, and enjoy the month of August!

-Lindsay 🙂

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