Lost work=lost mind

Today I lost my animation that I had been working on for eight straight hours.  I cried.

I wanted to try out some new web-based animation presentation software, and I happened upon Moovly.com.  It is SO COOL.  It was also very easy to use, especially for me who is a total beginner.

I still don’t know what happened, but tech support told me that sometimes when your internet connection is sketchy, you can lose work.  I noticed that towards the end of my eight-hour stretch, the internet was starting to slow down a little.  That’s where I think I made my mistake.

I pressed “save,” but I have a feeling the internet was too slow and was unable to save my changes.  I logged off hoping that it would be faster when I logged back in.  The internet was up and running just fine, but then my animation was no more….or should I say it was at 24 seconds when I did have it up for 1:26.  Heartbreak!

Anyway, I’m planning on trying again tonight.  Alas, I simply don’t have the time to make another detailed animation, but I’d still like to try out the software.  It’s free (though you can subscribe) and it would be excellent to use in the classroom.

Before that happens, however, I’d better complete a project first!

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